Key People

Meet the management…


Tapan Mehta - CEO

Tapan is a founder-Director of NexTenders. He has 10 years’ marketing and operations experience in the textile machinery industry in India and Europe, and 13 years’ senior management experience in the IT industry. Tapan played a key role in spotting the market opportunity in eProcurement a decade ago and in the evolution of the no-cost-to-government model which has catapulted NexTenders to its current position of pre-eminence in the market. Tapan’s academic background is in Mathematics, and he prefers to spend his leisure time on the beaches of Goa.


Gary Stevenson - Sales Director, Europe

Gary has been part of the NexTenders team since July 2011, where his main role has been helping to forge key partnerships within the UK, and prepare the NexTenders NexProcure framework for EU compliance, and ensure a fully localized product to take to market.  He has also been instrumental in helping develop the front-end interface and processes for NexTenders newest web 2.0 product suite, and working with the development teams to enable a fully secure, cloud based, SaaS offering tailored for the EU.

Gary is a highly accomplished and successful Sales Director, with strong and valuable relationships across the Private and Public Sector in the UK.  He has extensive knowledge of taking creative web based technology solutions across Central Government and the Private Sector using an extensive network of connections both within Government, Technology Partners and many Tier1 UK Solution Providers.

Prior to joining NexTenders he was the Lead Business Development Director for one of the UK’s leading Boutique Systems Integrators, The Web Technology Group.


Sujeet Bhatt - CTO

Sujeet is the Technical Director of NexTenders. He has over 20 years’ experience in technical translation and documentation for a European and American clientele, and 13 years’ senior management experience in the IT industry. Sujeet is among the key visionaries behind the state-of-the-art Nexprocure system which is currently being rolled out across India, Africa and the UK, and is responsible for ensuring that the product keeps up with and even anticipates changing trends in technology. Apart from being the in-house geek, he is fluent in German, Dutch and several Indian languages. When he wants to unwind, he takes off to the Himalayas.


Sumeet Bhatt - COO

Sumeet is a founder-Director of NexTenders. He has 14 years’ experience in engineering, marketing, and sales in India, USA, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East, and 13 years’ senior management experience in the IT industry. Sumeet has played a key role in the successful roll out of the NexTenders system across large state governments and public sector organizations, and in achieving the high levels of growth that NexTenders has consistently enjoyed. Sumeet was a professional club cricketer till his late twenties and continues to be an avid follower of the game.


John Band - Chairman

John, 60, is the British non-executive Chairman of NexTenders. John has lived in India for many years but has a wide range of international connections. He is the Head of Investment Banking and Financial Services at the Batlivala & Karani group, a 100-year-old name in the Indian financial services industry.

John has no line responsibilities at NexTenders but makes an important contribution to business strategy discussions and business relationships.

In his role as Chairman of NexTenders John has participated in all important strategic discussions and assisted with marketing and client relations activities in NexTenders key client states. John has also been actively involved in the patenting of NexTenders intellectual property and the evolution of NexTenders international expansion plans.