Company Profile

NexTenders is committed to delivering world-class eTendering and eProcurement solutions. We help organisations achieve lean procurement within the control framework of advanced, digitally secure eGovernance solutions.

Trusted by a number of Governments, public sector bodies, public-private partnerships and private companies since 2003, we are also the leading suppliers of web-based eTendering and eProcurement solutions in India with operations in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. We have processed more than 250,000 online tenders and auctions worth over £10 billion.

NexTenders is not only conscious of the value proposition it brings to its clients through a world class product, but the company also works with cutting edge technologies and innovation with a focus on addressing key “pain points” in terms of customer requirements. Some of our prestigious customers include the Republic of Botswana, the Indian Space Research Organisation, the Department of Atomic Energy, the State Governments of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and the major departments in the Government of Haryana.

World class eProcurement solutions

With a world class eTendering and eProcurement product, which has consistently been at the cutting edge of innovation, NexTenders continues to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of eProcurement. While Phase I and the early part of Phase II of the market can be characterised by the focus on an effective supplier interface, bid data security and automation of the functional cycle from tender creation to award, the eProcurement solutions market worldwide has matured and so have customer requirements.

Today there is a clear shift in the value proposition-from plain vanilla supplier interfaces, eBidding and eTendering processes, clients are now increasingly demanding back-end automation processes, MIS and Business Intelligence-functionalities that NexTenders has been offering for a decade.

State of the art procurement security

Our expertise in the use of standard PKI with digital certificates (for which we hold several patents in India, EU, UK and USA) to secure the bidding process provides state of the art, secure and tamper-evident procurement. NexTenders’ “Key Manager” invention (also patented), is a critical requirement in Electronic Document Management Security. All these and other features make the NexTenders solution the most secure eProcurement system in the world.

The system implements 4-tier architecture and provides a common interface to all parties involved in the procurement process, while allowing for and enforcing user-level access-based privileges. It can support single and multi-envelope, and multi-item bidding and it supports ePayments through leading payments gateways in India and abroad.

While all critical transactions in the various modules of the system are work-flow driven, there are dedicated sub-systems that cater to specific transaction scenarios and can be selectively implemented. The NexTenders system is highly scalable, permitting both scaling up and out as the level of adoption transaction volumes increases across an organisation.

At the forefront of eTendering technology

UNECE + NexTenders - at the forefront of security in eprocurement solutionsNexTenders is a member of UN/CEFACT, the United Nations organisation responsible for setting up international electronic document exchange standards for Government-to-Government and Government-to-Business transactions. UN/CEFACT has appointed NexTenders as the Project Manager in charge of establishing eProcurement security standards within this framework. The company is also involved in the development of a new worldwide standard for eTendering based on an eBXML schema, which has been ratified by UN/CEFACT member states, including India.