NexProcure: Make your procurement process more visible, efficient, powerful

Running a procurement operation is a key way to make your organisation’s indirect spend as efficient as possible. But could your procurement process and your procurement team be working more efficiently. Could the right tool see them spending more time driving value and less time dealing with enquiries and paperwork?

Automate admin and improve visibility

NexProcure and your procurement process

Moving to eProcurement with NexTenders is an opportunity to refocus your procurement professionals on activities that will maximise your margins. If the procurement team spend valuable time dealing with supplier enquiries on the phone and via email or seemingly endless hours on the road visiting and vetting suppliers, you could be working more effectively.

As well as automating administration and process management tasks, NexTenders’ NexProcure platform helps you to reduce procurement cycle times, gather valuable data insights into your procurement effectiveness and increase process visibility. In addition, the ease-of-use and intuitive process management mean that eProcurement can be adopted widely in the organisation with minimal training overhead.

Introducing and managing best practice

Our cloud-ready eProcurement platform deliver benefits straight to your bottom line by helping you source efficiently. Drive down spend by qualifying potential new suppliers and inviting them to your tender process. With NexProcure, it’s as easy to involve 25 suppliers as it is to run a process for 2. The system manages responses and does the legwork.

Automating the process extends to bid evaluation and negotiation, meaning that there’s no reason why your teams can’t run the most effective processes and achieve the best value for money.

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