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NexTenders launches cloud service in the UK

NexTenders is committed to delivering world-class eProcurement and eTendering solutions. We help organisations achieve lean procurement within the control framework of advanced, digitally secure eGovernance solutions.

Trusted by various Governments around the globe, Public Sector Departments, Public Private Partnerships and Private Sector Companies since 2003, we are the leading suppliers of web-based eTendering and eProcurement solutions in India with operations in the United Kingdom and across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. We have processed more than 250,000 online tenders and auctions worth over £13 billion.


This month we have launched our true SaaS on demand cloud service offering preconfigured, off the shelf, subscription based tendering solutions.

Optimised for ‘on demand’ cloud-based procurement, NexProcureLite offers simple one-stop-shop eTendering. Its Sealed Bidding, RFP and RFX engine helps you generate tender documents quickly and efficiently. Onerous tasks are removed from the procurement cycle without compromising security, quality and effectiveness of the system.

Perfect for smaller buying organisations, NexProcureLite provides an intuitive one-stop-shop eTendering solution from tender release to award and ePayment. By preconfiguring standardised workflows we have been able to develop a solution that can meet typical tender scenarios, through the Sealed Bidding, RFP, and RFQ engine. This helps buyers to carry out tenders regularly with minimal repetition, without losing quality.

The tender workflow can be set to any of the following; Standalone PQQ, Single stage (techno-commercial) and Two stage (Technical & Commercial) bidding, with integrated Forward and Reverse Auctions. This provides significant flexibility for buyers, allowing them to adhere to OJEU and UK procurement standards in all but the most demanding procurement scenarios – even for small lots! Building on our experience in delivering highly secure commercial software NexProcureLite uses server side data encryption to ensure that your data is protected, you can also choose client side encryption to guarantee complete traceability. The solution generates full audit trails and reports helping to promote accountability and auditability throughout the tender cycle.

Gary Stevenson, Sales & Partnership Director for Nextenders says “This is an exciting launch for us, and we believe it to be unique in the market place, with a disruptive price point. We are going to be heavily targeting the construction market and low level spending within Local Government initially. We are looking at some key partnerships with industry organisations and complimentary products – watch this space!”