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Nexprocure Enterprise – Pricing…

NexProcure Enterprise comes with a very flexible pricing structure. We can operate on a traditional license fee, install plan and ongoing support charges, based on your overall usage requirements taking into consideration factors such as:

  • Number of users internally within buying organisation
  • Number of tenders passing through the system
  • Total estimated value of tenders passing through the system
  • Support requirements within buying organisation
  • Up front system configuration around bespoke business process and workflow
  • Any required integration with other key business systems

However, we also are very keen on pushing our no cost option (NoCo). A high percentage of our business globally comes through our NoCo approach, which we have pioneered in India. Using this model we work on the basis of free configuration, implementation and support for our clients (buying organisations) and their suppliers. There is no direct cost for usage of the system to them. We make our revenue through charging the end suppliers fees for usage of the system, such as:

  • Fee per bid for download of each procurement opportunity
  • Fee per bid for submission of each procurement opportunity
  • Yearly subscription fees for unlimited tender document downloads

In other cases we also look at taking percentages within agreed bands and limits, capped, of the overall tender values where this is more appropriate. This eliminates any form of CAPEX expenditure on the part of our client / buying organisation, but allows you to have an Enterprise level world class fully integrated solution. This can also create a scenario where our clients can actually use the eProcurement process not only to reduce the overheads of the procurement process and many other areas of ROI, but can actually use it to generate income.

NexTenders are flexible and happy to discuss which of our models works best, either due to commercial restraints, compliance issues or sector based nuances, or look at a blended approach.

Please get in touch and we can talk this through in more detail…