NexProcure Enterprise Procurement

Our fourth generation Enterprise procurement product, approaches eTendering modularly to deliver an end-to-end procure to pay (P2P) solution that requires minimal configuration to reproduce your manual procurement process online. The platform uses configurable workflows to suit disparate Enterprise procurement processes. Our ‘Parent-Child’ architecture means that each department can have its own workflow.

  • eTendering: supports fixed bids, item rate and percentage rate (open or closed), and including tender publishing and secure bid preparation and submission.
  • eProcurement/e-sourcing: managing the bid process and its path through the Financial Policy of the Client with fully secured anytime, anyplace participation and audit.
  • eScrutiny: allowing bid adjudication and appraisal, through automated generation of results and pre-qualification criteria to assist marking by predefined matrices.
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NexProcure – fourth generation Enterprise procurement NexProcure – fourth generation Enterprise procurement NexProcure – fourth generation Enterprise procurement NexProcure – fourth generation Enterprise procurement

NexProcure Enterprise delivers an intuitive system which mirrors the base “Workflow” of your manual procurement process, and allows process configuration down to departmental level. This helps reduce training costs and improve the management of change by giving Buyers complete control over their procurement process. Perfect for large buying organisations and those with intricate organisational structures, NexProcure Enterprise helps you to make your eTendering process to work for you.

NexProcure Enterprise has surpassed simple document exchange to deliver tamper-evident procurement, accountability and efficiencies that document based solutions cannot. Our modules support all standard procurement processes and can be simply configured to accommodate more complex requirements.



Secure Bid Process(SBP) is patented technology developed by NexTenders that meets all security
criteria for tendering and uniquely makes the electronic tendering process tamper-evident.


Preparing and submitting the bid fingerprint

Once bidders have prepared their bid they need to submit their bid fingerprint (technically known as the 'hash' of the bid data) to the system before a specified cut-off date and time. This is done by the automated application of a standard hashing algorithm to the bid data.

Bid security after submission of tender

Once the bid fingerprint is submitted and after the bidders have received the fingerprint of all the fingerprints (technically known as the superhash) from the tendering authority, the bidders decrypt their bid data stored on the server using their private key.

Matching bid fingerprints while opening the tender

The tender authority ran now open the bids. As each bid is decrypted and opened using the tender authority's private key, its bid fingerprint, called the "comparative hash", is generated again.


Why NexProcure Enterprise ?

Our approach delivers an intuitive system which mirrors the base “Workflow” of your manual Enterprise procurement process, and allows process configuration down to department level. This reduces training costs and improves the management of change by giving Buyers complete control over the procurement process:


NexProcure Enterprise Key Features


NexProcure Enterprise Benefits


Benefits to Buyers

Benefits to Vendors

NexProcure Enterprise How It Works

NTE Swim Lane Diagram
  • An open platform solution based on Web 2.0 a. Java technologies.
  • Multiple Workflows, Templates and 'Norms' (groups of Templates to define standard Tender types).
  • Task based access group and user access built into workflow engine.
  • An end to 'procure to payment (P2P) solution that is entirely web based - from inception of an idea through to fulfilment and final payment.

NexProcure Enterprise FAQs

  • My company has many departments with different processes, how does this work?
    Due to NexProcure’s parent child architecture we are able to set up different workflows for each department within a single instance of the system based on roles, budgets, process or any other factor.
  • I have multiple people involved in the pre-tender and tendering process – how is this managed?
    NexProcure works through an incredibly flexible ‘maker’, ‘checker’ and ‘authoriser’ style framework and this can be configured to ANY business process or departmental workflow. We have no rigid way of making you do business!
  • Can your system integrate with my other finance / ERP systems?
    NexProcure is designed to integrate with many other systems typically involved in the process (SAP, ORACLE, etc.) and can also integrate easily with any other systems due to the open standards framework it is designed upon. In some instances we have integrated with upwards of 10 national systems at various points of pre, during and post tendering.


Please get in touch and help us to better understand your requirements and let us show you how NexTenders can help you, with a live system demo of any of our products.


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World Bank Assessed

" The NexTenders eTendering is well developed and resourced and meets all essential ADB requirements for eprocurement including transparency of the process, non-discrimination of bidders, equality of access, open competition, accountability and security of process. The system has well developed security, process management, communication, record keeping and audit capability. "