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Government Construction Strategy set to reform procurement?

Government Construction Strategy

Draft guidance has been published with the aim of improving procurement within public sector construction projects. A number of studies into construction have highlighted the potential for waste and disjointed contractor-to-contractor and contractor-to-public sector relationships.

Boost efficiency by 20%

The Government Construction Strategy highlights a number of key areas that it believes can contribute to a 20% improvement in process efficiency. By adopting alternative models – including Two Stage Open Book, Integrated Project Insurance and Cost Led Procurement – it is thought that procurement can be significantly streamlined.

Nick Hurd, the Minister for civil society said: “The construction industry casino online is a vital driver for growth, sustaining thousands of SMEs. It’s therefore enormously important for government to work collaboratively with industry, identifying ways to make sure those links continue to foster innovation within the supply chain.”

Increase capability as well streamlining processes

Nextenders welcomes the Government Construction Strategy. “There”s a real opportunity to show the construction industry how eProcurement and eTendering systems can deliver benefits,” said Gary Stevenson, Sales and Partnerships Director at Nextenders. “Next-generation platforms support new capabilities and procurement models whilst being flexible to specific needs and situations. eProcurement creates new opportunities as well as improving margins and competitiveness.”

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