eProcurement software patents

One of our major areas of expertise is that we have developed a highly secure eProcurement software system using PKI cryptography to secure transactions both in the public domain and those internal to the buying organization. The company’s expertise in this area, for which we hold a number of patents in the United Kingdom, European Union, USA and India, secures the bidding process by providing state of the art, secure and tamper-evident procurement. NexTenders also has patents for our ‘Key Manager’ functionality, a critical requirement in Electronic Document Management Security.  The NexTenders Secure Bid Process (SBP) is a world class, cutting edge security solution.



NexTenders places a high level of importance on all aspects of compliance across all eProcurement legislation within all the territories we work in.  Whether this is security of the bid process and compliance with the likes of all EU eProcurement directives, or complying to World Bank norms.  Our products are fully compliant with EU Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC, and other applicable legislation within the UK and the European Union.  These Directives specify certain security requirements that the NexTenders patented Secure Bid Process matches absolutely in respect of integrity, traceability, and tamper-evidence and is based upon a ubiquitous security standard (PKI) to guarantee compliance. Our system complies with Electronic Procurement norms of multilateral development banks and has been assessed by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank on multiple occasions.  NexProcure complies with the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, the CVC guidelines and the GFR The system has also been tested by Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate (STQC) of Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. As a company we are, Intel Certified, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001Certified We also focus on usability and accessibility within all our systems within the frameworks outlined by the likes of WCAG, ATAG, W3C.


Data Centricity

Many eTendering systems do little more than post and collect documents online.  One of the key advantages of the NexProcure 4, however, is that it manages data at a much more granular level, allowing for much greater flexibility in its presentation and use:

  • Buyers and bidders can reuse content from previous tenders, saving time and effort.  This can be automated allowing editors to focus only on what is unique to a given document.
  • Information can be presented in multiple formats: bidder responses, for example, can be presented as side-by-side comparison tables with added assessment and scoring fields for easy evaluation, rather than being manually cut and pasted into Excel.

Despite being managed in this way, information can still be output in standard Office document formats and PDFs for printing and offline use.


Secure Bid

The Secure Bid Process is the most secure security solution available in the market today, and, uniquely, makes the electronic tendering process tamper-evident.  Using a patented application of Public Key Encryption, NexProcure 4 will identify to all participants in a tender process whether any document from any bidder has either been opened or changed by any party after submission. This makes it virtually impossible for a bidder to gain an unfair competitive advantage after submission, without being detected.  It also ensures that the buyer cannot unfairly favour one bid over another by changing or prematurely opening a bid. Rigorous security measures are also implemented throughout NexProcure 4, ensuring that it provides the most robust security features of any eTendering platform currently available.


Key Manager

In a PKI-based system like NexProcure, sensitive documents are always stored on the server in encrypted form. Typically, a document is encrypted using the public key of the intended recipient’s digital certificate to ensure that only they gain access to it. The drawback of this approach is that there is no legal way of assigning access rights to a different user in the event that the intended recipient is unavailable – private keys of digital certificates are not transferrable. Our patented Document Security Management System gets around this limitation in an ingenious, fully secure and compliant manner.