NexProcureLite: e-procurement for small businesses (SMEs)

eTenders give SMEs an edgee-procurement systems used to be cumbersome, complex and expensive but with NexProcureLite, small businesses can take advantage of the benefits of e-procurement.

More effective, more efficient

NexProcureLite, e-procurement for small businesses, delivers immediate benefits. You’ll increase your margins by making your procurement activity more competitive and reduce the overhead and headache of running procurement processes.

Typical payback can be measured in weeks rather than months and years. You’ll be up and running quickly and as well as automating the administration of tenders, you can use the platform to painlessly increase the size of your supplier pool, making your tenders more competitive.

Intuitive, flexible and secure

NexProcureLite has been built as a secure cloud-based application. It’s an affordable yet powerful e-procurement system that has been designed to be easy-to-use without extensive procurement training and support. That means there’s no reason for anyone to be buying off-contract or not using the automated negotiation features in NexProcureLite to achieve the best possible value.

  • Maximise margin through increased competition when buying products and services
  • Automate the procurement process, reducing overheads and making bid evaluation easier
  • Intuitive, user-friendly system that allows non-procurement staff to run tenders based on company set-up
  • Monitor external spend and e-procurement metrics
  • Full audit trail of the electronic tendering process – reduces costs and increases visibility

Find out more about NexProcureLite and e-procurement for small businesses start your 30-day free trial today.