eProcurement as part of your cost management solution

eProcurement as part of your cost management solutionMost organisations are working in ever more challenging business environments. Reducing spend or achieving more with your budgets isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. See how NexProcure can be a significant part of your cost management solution.

Drive efficiency, reduce costs, take control

The NexProcure eProcurement platform from NexTenders gives you more control over your procurement process and provides the tools you need to increase competition in your procurement process. Above all, NexProcure helps you minimise costs and maximise margins.

Visibilty, control and ongoing benefits

NexProcure helps you to constantly improve and refine your procurement so you keep the pressure on costs and the focus on value in your organisation. Maintaining a strong focus on external expenditure is supported by having visibility and control.

NexProcure gives you the ability to:

  • Review and analyse spend data and trends within the organisation
  • Increase the amount of external spend that comes within the scope of eProcurement, increasing control and efficiency
  • Highlight where efficiencies can be made and use the power of NexProcure to realise the benefits without increasing overheads

Powerful, flexible, automated eProcurement

Adopting eProcurement will give your business a powerful cost management solution. However, it will also support ongoing improvement of your procurement. Nextenders’ data-centric eProcurement platform allows you to collect and analyse detailed information about the operation of your procurement. With this information you can make your ongoing improvements to your purchasing.

  • Make sure procurement processes are efficient by broadening your pool of potential suppliers and increasing the competition
  • Benchmark your prices and monitor trends so you can be sure your teams are achieving best value
  • Use a flexible, intuitive eProcurement solution that doesn’t come with the training overheads of complex, legacy systems and encourage more people to run their procurement through the central system to reduce off-contract buying

To find out more about how NexProcure and NexProcureLite, visit the Product section or contact us to arrange a demo.