NexProcure, compliance and procurement strategy

Compliance and procurement strategyWhether you operate in an organisation that demands transparency or not, having full visibility into your procurement delivers real benefits. Aligning compliance, efficiency and procurement strategy delivers real benefits.

Control and accountability

NexProcure provides full transparency to meet audit and compliance requirements and provides full auditability across your eProcurement activity. Alongside audit and mandatory requirements, eProcurement also empowers your organisation by providing control and accountability. Using NexProcure automatically provides a comprehensive view of the entire process, replacing a labyrinth of printed documents that need to be filed and stored with straightforward access to responses and bids.

Security and best practice

As well as providing security and control over how your procurement activity runs, NexProcure’s intuitive user interface and flexible process model encourages and enables everyone to use the system.

  • Ensure all your eProcurement activity is visible and auditable
  • Comply with data retention regulations
  • Apply and ensure compliance with your organisation’s sourcing policies
  • Increase competition and automate time-consuming procurement admin

To find out more about NexProcure and how it can be used to increase compliance and efficiency, contact NexTenders.